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"Allow yourself to be a beginner.

It's how you become great at something."


- Jade Molina

Jade Molina is an Educator, Speaker, Coach, and Podcaster, helping individuals, and organizations, move from where they are to where they want to be.


Over the past 25 years, Jade has become a value creator as a military veteran, men’s performance coach, small business owner, educator, professional strength coach, private fitness consultant, pastor, youth leader, and sought after motivational speaker.


Jade currently serves as a Spiritual Life Director at a private Christian School in Southern California, is the founder of an online community for men called Men of Growth, is the host of the Men of Growth Podcast, and is actively engaged in his speaking career.


Throughout his professional and coaching experience, Jade has served as Director of Physical Readiness Training for the United States Navy, a Master Instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a regular speaker at various Fellowship of Christian Athletes events, a Performance Enhancement Consultant for Dancing with the Stars, and guest speaker for Disney Animation. 


Jade has also been a key leader in various men’s ministries over the past 15 years, and has personally lead over 20 men’s events, empowering men to step into the fullness of who they are as husbands, fathers, and productive influencers within their respective communities. Jade’s vast experience and knowledge has also allowed him the privilege of working with some of the top athletes in the NFL, Major League Baseball, and NBA, along with professionals in the entertainment industry and corporate world alike. 


Jade has been an international lecturer and consultant for the Guatemalan National Sports Federation, Polish Olympic Committee, as well as a content expert for Game Day at the School, a California state standard physical education program for grades kindergarten through sixth. 


Jade lives, speaks, and coaches from THREE key perspectives...


  • That human limitations are often due to what we setup in our own minds. If we change our mind, we change our outcomes.

  • That a person’s life is ultimately going to equal the standards one sets for themselves... Spiritually, Physically, Relationally, and Financially. 


  • That everything a person needs to THRIVE in life is already contained within them... THEY JUST NEED TO UNLOCK IT! 

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